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“Say Goodbye to Tax Problems no matter where you are!”

Simplify and Optimize Your Tax Situation Effortlessly with Tax Tailor Matching Service…

Discover how over 400 clients in 2023 saved an average of €72,324 on their annual taxes by benefiting from specialist advice and an implemented setup tailored to their exact situation!

Introducing XSolved’s International Tax Tailor Matching Service, your ultimate guide to painless and efficient global tax management. Leveraging its extensive network of specialists, XSolved simplifies the international taxation labyrinth for expats, business owners, investors, Autonomos/Freelancers, and retirees.

We understand the troubles faced due to the complex and bureaucratic tax systems making it extremely difficult to create an international setup that brings down your taxes for you. That’s why we connect you with the right specialist who can implement an international setup for you, providing you with clear and actionable plan as well as optional implementation of that plan, should you decide to go ahead.

Keep reading to discover how this three-step process can lead to significant tax savings, reduced risk, and overall peace of mind.

What you stand to gain:

Reduce overwhelming tax burdens through specialist advice to create an international setup tailored to your specific situation.
Minimize the risk of penalties and fines.
Skip bureaucratic hurdles with professional assistance that take care of all of the leg-work for you.
Achieve tax optimization with expert advice crafted specifically for your situation and mobility/residency priorities.
Save time and money by avoiding generic, inefficient tax solutions.

Why we made this…

I’m Scott and you’ll have met my co-founder Sean in the video above or in the ads that brought you here. We’re founders of XSolved and we’re here to redefine how you approach taxes across the world.

We started first started with SpainSolved after personally facing the challenge of the Spanish tax system. Everyone we knew seemed to have similar problems with tax, accounting, finding advisors, gestores, etc.

We turned our solution, our accumulated knowledge and our network into a product that matches you with the perfect tax advisor, specifically tailored to the client’s unique tax situation.

But we realised there’s only so much you can do when you’re confined to local tax laws and system’s. And the BIG ways to save money is in creating international setups that can REALLY shave your taxes down to 10%, 5% or even 0%.

That’s why we decided to bring our game to the international level and created XSolved.

Why did we do this instead of some other business?

In a nutshell, we hate taxes.

Taxes were my biggest single personal expense. And it’s the same for any high-earning individual in a high-tax country.

Plus, through the tax rates I was paying, basically working 5 months of the year for an inefficient government doesn’t really appeal to me.

So, we decided to work on a solution that would make tackling taxes easy, convenient, and effective.

Why the old way sucks

Why Relying on Generic Tax Strategies Hinders More Than Helps…

Using a universal approach to local taxation can result in overpaying taxes, potentially leading to legal issues and significant financial loss. The “one-size-fits-all” tactic overlooks crucial individual details and doesn’t provide the best value for your money.

Why You Can’t Fully Trust Your Accountant…

Generic accounting approaches tend to disregard individual situations. If you’ve made it this far down the page, you likely already have an accountant or tax advisor. He/she will have convinced you they can’t do anything to optimize your taxes or they’re a one-trick pony that knows one strategy well and sells you on it as being the best way to do things.

Or, you’ve just thought it’s impossible to find a specialist who understands your unique situation. We’re here to change that false belief.

An accountant’s job is to correctly do your accounting, not to help come up with tax strategies or tax advice. The issue is they are everyone’s go-to “expert” on the subject and therefore we often believe what they say.

It’s not that you can’t trust your accountant, it’s a case of misaligned incentives and a lack of expertise.

Why not doing anything, or hiding/underreporting your income is a very very bad idea…

This is a surprisingly common strategy for a lot of people. You might be deciding to simply not report your income in your country to stay “off the radar” or you might be underreporting assets or income abroad and you think this is a sneaky idea because “the government will never find out”

This, is a terrible strategy. And the tax authorities will find out sooner or later. They are more competent than you think and more countries are cooperating with eachother in sharing information to crackdown on tax avoidance and fraud.

We have dealt with many clients in the past who only seek tax advice when it’s too late. After having been served penalties for this avoidance strategy.

If you are doing this, you 100% should come clean because there ARE ways to come clean but are still smart and shaves your tax burdens all the way down.

Our solution:

Hiring multiple advisors who don’t specialize in your needs can cost you a fortune, especially if they don’t cover a big enough pool of options to really give you the best solution that really brings down your taxes LEGALLY.

With Tax Tailor Matching Service, you get the correct options that are relevant and beneficial to you from a specialist team who understands your situation AND can implement it for you. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

The price for the complete package is €799 at our regular price, including diagnosis call, case summary, and strategy call. But don’t worry! We have a limited Early Bird discount, which drops the price to €399 for the first 24 hours after visiting our booking page (hit the big red button below)!

But even better, we now are running a free trial! You can chat with us in the diagnosis call for free before deciding to go ahead with the full service!

Simply book a date and time for your diagnosis consultation straight from our website, XSolved, and get ready to revolutionize your approach to taxes!

How It Works:

Step 1 – Diagnosis Call

Approximately 25 -30 minutes.
With one of our XSolved team members.
We will focus on understanding and outlining your fiscal situation to asses which tax expertise is required for your case.

Here we’ll go through and understand your financial, legal and tax problems as well as your financial goals and priorities
✅ During this call we will be creating a case summary of your situation to be used by your matched specialist as preparation material
✅ If we find out that we do not have an advisor that suits your situation, we will refund 100% of your booking

Step 2 – Matching Process

Match you with an ideal tax specialist team for your case.
We’ll send you a link to book directly in your calendar.
From over 10+ vetted specialist in our network.

Based on your situation determined in the Diagnosis Call we’ll match you to a specialist perfect for your situation and give you the ability to book with them directly
✅ We will also be sending along your case summary to your advisor in advance of your Strategy Call with them so they are prepared in advance for your situation

Step 3 – Strategy Call

Approximately 30 minutes
With your matched Specialist
This call will fully satisfy your doubts and lay the groundwork for your tax strategy moving forward

In this call your matched tax specialist will walk you through your situation and give you a strategy covering all paths to structure your tax setup efficiently
✅We’ll make sure you have a solid defence plan so you are protected from fines and embargoes of the Tax Authorities so you don’t have any risks

Step 4 – Implementation (optional)

Est. Starting after the Strategy Call
*We can give you a free credit deductible from any Implementation service you would use from your specialist

For International Setups that need implementation, you can have them take care of the legal, accounting, immigration, banking, etc. for you. They will take you by the hand and pull you all the way to your dream outcome.